Russ Prentice

I made this website to honor my late-friend Russ Prentice. I knew Russ for over 25 years and always considered him one of my best friends. He was always there when I needed him, and I always tried to be there for him.

I met him at Lancaster Speedway when he was racing Street Stocks and his girlfriend, Rhonda Mooney was racing in the Women's Pure Stock Class. I was 13 at the time, but I looked much older. Russ did not know what to think of me hanging around Him and Rhonda until one day he found out I was so young. From that time on we became close friends.

 Russ was a different kind of guy. Looking at him you couldn't see what a thoughtful, genuine, great person he was. I don't think he had the word "no" in his vocabulary.  His end of the year race parties were always a blast. The "thankful" Russ, taking the time to thank anyone and everyone that had a hand in getting him to the track. Not one person would go un-noticed or forgotten.

Over the years, I went to many tracks to watch him race. When I decided to go Enduro racing, Russ was there to lend a hand, parts and even haul my car to Perry Speedway for me. As I moved up into different classes, Russ was always there to give advise, supply parts or lend a hand.
He was a faithful supporter of my racing career until the day I hung up my helmet.

Russ was an alcoholic. It did not make him any less of a person. It's a disease you live with the rest of your life. Once you have it, its hard to control without help. I know my friend is in a peaceful place now and free from this disease. I just can't help but miss him dearly.
Kenny Bainbridge Jr.